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Wyatt Trull—that's me—is a bestselling author for the 5th Edition of the world's okayest roleplaying game, and is best known for the groundbreaking Daerdan's Class Feats. When he isn't regretting his life's choices over a cup of coffee, or teaching English to bored teenagers in the South Korean countryside, Wyatt is busy daydreaming about stories he promises he'll one day write. Stories about a cybernetic goblin—a cyborgoblin if you will—and other idiotic ideas.  

Wyatt Trull was brought onto the Shard Tabletop Kickstarter with Daerdan's Dungeon Encounters, a collection of 25 setting agnostic, scalable encounters that could be dropped into any campaign. This series will be continued on Shard Tabletop through Daerdan's Desert Encounters, Daerdan's Draconic Encounters, and more. 

To stay up to date on Wyatt's work, you can follow him on social media or check out his Patreon. Your support truly does make the difference between abject poverty or the fulfillment of all his childhood dreams.

Daerdan's Dungeon Encounters
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