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Celestial Realm


The Heavens Await | 20 Variations | 32x45

Price $4.99

This map pack beckons adventurers to explore a celestial wonderland, featuring giant, golden, cloud-wrapped swords towering above puffy cumulus clouds. Ethereal steps lead through the sky, leading from a breathtaking view of a beautiful rainbow abyss. Take advantage of the gorgeous variations in this ever-changing realm. Introduce players to a many-headed celestial guardian. Or give them glimpse of a supernova. How did they get here? Did they climb the beanstalks or come through a portal? Are they here to thwart a dark prophecy, find answers, or merely explore this wondrous location?

This map is 32x45 squares, and contains 20 variations (including the base image):

  • Original (Day | Night)
  • Above Hell
  • Altar
  • Beanstalk
  • Cloud Field
  • Cloud Island
  • Cloud Platform
  • Cloud Stepping Stones
  • Guardian
  • Night
  • Portal
  • Rain Clouds
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Star Guardian
  • Star Guardian (Fury)
  • Storm
  • Sunrise
  • Supernova
  • Twin Planets
  • Warp

Shard Note: These maps are gridless, but have been scaled appropriately to work with Shard's built-in grid feature. To enable the grid, simply click on the grid icon (the solid square) above the map.

Product Details

Published 4/2/2024
Category Map Collection
Theme Planar
Setting Any Setting
Includes 20 Art, 1 Maps, 1 Books
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