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Adventure on the High Seas

Grim Press

Make waves with this new supplement for 5e!

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Each volume of Unearthed Spoils is packed with full-color art, illustrating different types of 5e compatible content surrounding a central theme: Magic Items, Classes & Archetypes, Magical Spells, Monsters & NPCs, New Ancestries, and Short Adventures. 

5e Unearthed Spoils Digital Magazine – Volume VI contains the following:

  • MAGIC ITEMS - Any sailor worth their salt knows there’s treasure on the seas more precious than gold and jewels. These eleven magic items are waiting to be found.
  • SHIP AUGMENTS - Make your ship the terror of the high seas with these four easy-to-install additions.
  • ARCHETYPES - Four new subclasses that are ready to plunder untold riches.
  • BLESSINGS AND BANES: THE BOONS AND CURSES OF THE SEA - The seas are alive with all manner of blessings and banes. Fifteen new afflictions await those who travel these waters.
  • GM VARIANT RULE: GLORY AND INFAMY - Loathed or trusted, feared or famed, a captain’s name is worth more than his weight in gold. These variant rules allow GMs to assign their players a reputation on the high seas.
  • GM VARIANT RULE: FEATS OF FAME AND FORTUNE - Not all skills learned on the high seas can be taught. These eight feats are earned by only the most infamous.
  • SAILING THE SEAS: BATTLEMAPS - Three additional battlemaps are available so your players can loot and plunder to their heart's content

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Product Details

Published 11/8/2022
Category Character Options, Gamemaster Options, Map Collection
Theme Aquatic
Setting Any Setting
Includes 8 Curse, 4 Subclasses, 3 Maps, 30 Art, 15 Items, 1 Books, 7 Boon, 7 Feats
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