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Dwarven Dungeon


Visit the home of dwarves who live inside the Olan Mountain!

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The King of the dwarves of Olan Mountain has put up a notice calling for adventurers willing to deal with a goblin infestation in one of the mines under his domain. You volunteer and get rid of the problem quickly since you are proficient at fighting such monsters. After the king’s men confirm that the mine is clear of the evil vermin, the King invites you to his home. He wants to personally congratulate you on your success.

The dwarven home is inside the mountain. A large stone door engraved with battling dwarves opens to reveal a wide corridor. To your left is a storage area for items the dwarves trade with those who come to the Olan Mountain to barter. You follow the dwarf assigned to guide you. He leads you through a large empty chamber to the next room where the king sits upon his throne. The old dwarf is overjoyed at being able to have you here as his guest. He pays the handsome reward he promised you and insists that the mountain is now as much your home as it is his.

He walks you through the corridors of the place, showing you around. “This is where my chambers are.” He leads you through a corridor to the west of the throne room. “Farther south are the rooms of the nobles. There are two dining halls here as well.”

He then leads you to the other side of the dungeon to another room with a dining table. Tired dwarves, dirty from work in the mine, rise to greet their king. “This is the area in which the miners eat and sleep. Beyond that-“

Shouting interrupts his words; the cries sound from the coal mine to the east of the dining hall.

“Goblins! We’re under attack!” A dwarven miner comes running your way.

You have to fight to save the dwarves again!

Product Details

Published 12/12/2022
Category Map Collection
Theme Dungeon, Underdark
Setting Any Setting
Includes 4 Art, 1 Maps, 1 Books
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