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Animated Squeaky Toy


Your players will die laughing!

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Coming in a myriad of forms, animated squeaky toys often take the shape of friendly-looking animals, plants, or sometimes food items. Occasionally they even resemble caricatures of royalty, armored knights, or other distinctive humanoids. Large, lumbering, brightly colored, and emitting small squeaks with every step, these puzzling constructs do little to hide their presence.

Silly Monsters are designed to add a bit of levity to the game while still providing serious challenges for your players.

Adventuring is serious business! Death lurks around every turn and ill-prepared characters don't last long when coming face-to-face with terrible monsters that want nothing more than to kick their asses!

And yet, the very essence of role-playing games is too fun! We believe that Game Masters can provide their players with scary yet challenging encounters while still having a good laugh.

Each of the monsters will be illustrated by the extremely talented Danny Pavlov. In addition to the beautiful art, we provide creative descriptions and extensive stat blocks.

Your players will die laughing!

Product Details

Published undefined
Category Bestiary
Theme Comedy
Includes 2 Art, 1 Monsters, 1 Books
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