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Pacifists and Peace Lovers

Off Grid RPG

Make Love not War!

Price $1.99

Have you ever wanted to play a rogue that steals things but does no harm? A monk that eschews violence and prefers peace? A fighter that is a whirling wall of steel that protects rather than maims?

Pacifists and Peace lovers is a growing collection of subclasses with just that goal in mind.

Have a look now as we unveil the Monk, Fighter and Sorcerer low violence/ pacifist options.

As more options are added the price will increase. Get your copy now to get future updates for this low price!

First Update: New Wizard subclass "True Illusionist" added with 3 new Illusion spells.

Product Details

Published 11/21/2023
Category Character Options
Theme Miscellaneous
Setting Any Setting
Includes 5 Art, 5 Precise Strikes, 3 Spells, 7 Items, 1 Books, 4 Subclasses
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