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Haunted Forest


Despite the sinister atmosphere of these woods, your party of brave adventurers pushes forward.

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You hear that the Haunted Forest is home to dangerous beasts that offer a good challenge for a party of brave warriors and mages. The mayor of the nearby village has decided that he’s fed up with the constant attacks of the crazed animals that come out of these woods, so there’s a prize of a good amount of gold attached to the quest too. This opportunity is ideal for your party, so you decide to enter the forest and face its dangers.

You’ve been walking deeper and deeper into the woods, and you’ve lost count of how many monsters you’ve slain so far. At some point you come across a pond with murky water. A peculiar statue stands in the middle, eyes glowing deep red. You get the feeling the statue and the crazed state of the animals might somehow be connected. Is it a good idea though to come near the piece of strange art?

You decide to approach the statue, and you put your hand on the head of the creature it depicts. Suddenly you feel movement in the air around you! It seems touching the statue has summoned six demons. It’s time to fight yet another enemy! At least you’re not cursed, or are you?

Product Details

Published 12/12/2022
Category Map Collection
Theme Horror, Wilderness, Mystery
Setting Any Setting
Includes 4 Art, 1 Maps, 1 Books
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