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Price $5.99 / month
Price $59.99 / year

The Gamemaster subscription is ideal for most gamemasters.  It includes all the most sought after features, for all but the most serious gamemasters.


  • Six campaigns
  • The Core Content Pack (12 playable races, 48 additional subclasses, plus numerous backgrounds and feats)
  • Unlimited characters
  • Premium token elements
  • Premium digital dice
  • Access to free content from the marketplace
  • Fate of Artanga Parts I and II
  • Access to broadcast watch mode to make it easy to stream your games
  • Second screen to show the player view when playing in person

You can upgrade your subscription at any time to a Gamemaster Pro if you decide that you need more capabilities.

A rich collection of character options created by Shard Tabletop and Kobold Press for the exclusive use of Shard Tabletop Subscribers.  

Product Details

Published 3/18/2021
Category Character Options
Includes 48 Art, 11 Techniques, 10 Elemental Masteries, 6 Feats, 12 Warlock Pact Boons, 48 Subclasses, 16 Races, 1 Monsters, 16 Spells, 2 Items, 5 Metamagic, 1 Books, 16 Backgrounds
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