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Arcane Tradition: School of Nightmares

Underground Oracle Publishing

A Brand New Wizard Archetype For 5th Edition

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“It’s incredible just how much dread and terror the average man carries within them, sequestered just behind a thin dam of subconscious. Cracking open that dam is a most satisfying experience.”

- Millicent VonVaskille, School of Nightmares

Dreams are an immensely powerful force, able to inspire and drive adventurers to incredible heights just by virtue of their very existence. Dreams capture the hopes and aspirations of all living beings and, when realized, can change the course of the realms forever. But when those dreams become tainted by anxiety, fear, or evil, they become something else entirely. Something that wizards of the School of Nightmares are more than willing to use to their own benefit. 

Dark and often deeply eccentric specialist casters, wizards from the School of Nightmares draw from the Plane of Nightmares to empower their spells and twist their illusions into powerful echoes of their opponents' deepest fears, damaging their psyches and impeding their abilities with personalized phantasms. Of course, peering so deeply into the Plane of Nightmares is not without its own consequences, and these illusionists often have their own perceptions and characters warped and bent by its energy. As they grow in power and spend more of their time steeped in Ophciphael’s influence, those without the strength of will to resist its eerie call risk becoming nothing more than funhouse reflections of the person they once were.

This supplement includes:

  • The School of Nightmares wizard archetype.
  • 2 new terrifying illusion spells.

Product Details

Published 10/8/2022
Category Character Options
Theme Horror
Includes 2 Art, 2 Spells, 1 Books, 1 Subclasses
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