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Remarkable Lineages: Dagari

Underground Oracle Publishing

A Brand New Lineage For 5th Edition

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“Upon the face of the land was chaos and death, but on the winds rode Kazenglaze and his people. They fed us. They healed us. And they made what was broken by the wolves of the sea and the jackals of the courts whole again. They are dagari. They are the honorable ones.”

— Lucious Frowl, sage of the Costal Highlands


From the cliffs of the Razorback Ridge to their capital of BaDagar, the dagari keep guard along the rocky shorelines of the Costal Highlands—their kingdom and homeland—patrolling for pirates and safeguarding the people who live under their banner. Gliding through the cool, salty air of the Highlands, the dagari seek to live in ways that honor their ever-watching ancestors and bring personal glory to their fold.


This supplement includes:

  • Stats for the playable lineage, the Dagari.
  • Details about their cultural philosophy, strict code of honor, and ancestral reverence.
  • Lore and trivia for you to use when roleplaying your Dagari character.
  • A new fighting style developed by these winged warriors.
  • A new martial archetype, the Fold Vanguard.
  • A new sacred oath, the Oath of the Ancestors.

Product Details

Published 5/29/2021
Category Character Options
Setting Any Setting
Includes 3 Art, 2 Subclasses, 1 Fighting Styles, 1 Races, 1 Books
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