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Empire of Ghouls

Kobold Press

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Dark Motives and Darker Alliances
Citizens of Zobeck are going missing. Catacombs beneath the urban abodes may have answers, but what lurks in them may not enjoy company...
Rumors swirl of an unholy marriage between blood thirsty factions. As haunting dreams and prophetic utterances swell, the danger becomes clear. Such a union would be catastrophic…
Who will uncover and stop these foul and ghoulish workings? Will your adventurers have the fortitude and ambition―or the greed and cunning―it takes to put a stop to them?

Empire of the Ghouls is a complete adventure for characters level 1-13 for the 5th edition of the world’s first RPG.  Contains a gazetteer detailing the Ghoul Imperium in the depths of the Underworld and appendices filled with new cults, creatures, magic items, and NPCs.

Sharpen your blade and conjure magical light, and root out the foulness below the earth!

Product Details

Published 3/21/2021
Category Adventure
Theme Underdark, Horror
Setting Midgard, Underworld
Adventure level 1 - 13
Includes 416 Art, 17 Random Encounter Tables, 184 Encounters, 29 Maps, 199 Monsters, 71 Items, 1 Books
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