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Esper Genesis Threat Database

Alligator Alley Entertainment

Sci-Fi Monsters and Villains

Price $39.99

A Grand Collection of Sci-fi Monsters and Villains!

The Threats Database introduces a trove of sci-fi creatures, antagonists, and hazards to use with the Esper Genesis Roleplaying Game. Keeping with EG’s full compatibility feature, this product can be used as a supplement to any D&D 5E setting, giving you the power to drop your futuristic baddies into a world of your choosing.

This product contains:

  • A breakdown of threat categories and types
  • Universal rules for using stat blocks for any 5E game
  • A collection of sci-fi threats from AI robots to cosmic invaders to trans-dimensional horrors.
  • Modern and futuristic NPC antagonists and allies
  • Rules for creating alien beasts that can be found on any world
  • Environmental starship hazards such as cosmic storms, spatial anomalies, and wormholes
  • Major galactic threats, their machinations, and potentially lasting effects in your game setting.

Product Details

Published 9/28/2021
Category Bestiary
Theme Science Fiction
Setting Esper Genesis
Includes 234 Art, 7 Space Hazards, 186 Monsters, 1 Books, 3 Space Threats
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