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Magical Oddities Volume 3

Dungeon Scribe

50 Unique Items

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Dungeon Scribe: Magical Oddities - Volume 3, chock-full of 50 Magical Oddity items to deliver exciting unique items to enhance your 5E games and a dazzling array of magical options to surprise your players. Grow your table's arsenal, dole out new items with ease, and empower both players and NPCs in bold new ways.

They are balanced for a wide spread of rarity, type, and flavor for any level of play. Let your players pick through their spoils, or populate a magic shop at a moment's notice.

Includes 50 Unique Items and Original Art.

Included Items


  • Boomerang
  • Chain & Sickle


  • Life-Line
  • Life-Line - Creation
  • Hearty Bread
  • Spinner Seed
  • Blade of Detection


  • Knotted Hearty Bread
  • Fool’s Coin
  • Adder Stone
  • Deadman’s Jawbone
  • Deadman’s Jawbone - Creation
  • Wand of Equilibrium
  • Iron Ground Pounders
  • Cypress Amulet
  • Prowler’s Cane
  • Flute of Fate
  • Spider’s Nest
  • Fire Cracker Bullet
  • Cubed Boulder
  • Aspect Bowl: Bear


  • Broken Avenger
  • Barrier Belt
  • Mage Scourger
  • Staff of the Wandering Eye
  • Chest of Bellen
  • Gloves of Teleportation
  • The Forest Keeper
  • Forgemaster’s Second Skin
  • Poisoner’s Scabbard
  • Pick of the Blood Price
  • Thunder’s Herald
  • Crown of the First Ruler
  • Club of the First Ruler
  • Armor of the First Ruler

Very Rare

  • Reforged Avenger
  • Ring Adept’s Cuff
  • Seer’s Bindings
  • Hoarfrost
  • Veil Piercer
  • Deathdrop Armor
  • Xolotl’s Macuahuitl
  • World Tree Sapling


  • The Old Bones
  • Weapon of Growth
  • Dragon’s Maw
  • Gem of the Archmage
  • Gem of the Archmage - Imbuing Ruleset


  • Samhain’s Spear - Fabled
  • Samhain’s Spear - Mythic

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Product Details

Published 3/31/2023
Category Character Options, Gamemaster Options
Theme Miscellaneous
Setting Any Setting
Includes 50 Art, 50 Items, 1 Books
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