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Kibbles' Crafting Guide


A complete crafting guide by KibblesTasty, which includes every tool that a GM may need to implement crafting at your table.

Price $20.00

Crafting has long been a major focus of the game, and something countless players have sought to engage with since the early days; after all, what adventurer wouldn’t want to be better outfitted, better equipped and more prepared... and what adventurer wouldn’t want the chance to put their personal mark on their gear? 

The core principle of this crafting system is simplicity and specificity. Everything works with simple, easy to follow rules, but has enough depth to lift the burden from a GM having to fill in every blank by giving specific details for everything. While a GM is always the arbiter of what exists and if a crafting recipe works, by and large this system can be run with as much or as little input as a GM wants to add. It’s a complete package that provides all the necessarily details for your players to get started—and plenty of tables and guides for GMs as well.

Product Details

Published 3/24/2023
Category Gamemaster Options
Includes 28 Art, 7 Spells, 296 Items, 1 Books
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