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Heroic Talents: Class Features Expanded

Underground Oracle Publishing

Brand New Feats For 5th Edition

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“Ah, burning hells. Did you see what she just did, kid? That means this is going to be a damn sight harder than the sheriff is paying us for.”

- Akron Vess, Shatturan mercenary

The following are new feats that expand and empower your adventurer’s core class features.

As with all new play options, please consult your Game Master to verify that these feats mesh well with the vision and direction of their game.

This supplement includes 7 new feats:

  • Fluid Connection - Your unique connection to the power in your veins allows you more malleability than your fellow sorcerers.
  • Opportunist’s Pivot - You’re more adept than other rogues at rolling with your opponents’ strikes and turning them to your advantage.
  • Quicken Recovery - You're a wizard able to borrow from your arcane reserves when you need them most.
  • Recovery Stance - You're a fighter who's trained to give yourself the space needed to rally during a battle.
  • Soul Shape - You have found that one specific animal shape calls to you more than any other in your druidic repertoire. 
  • Studied Hunter - Your ranger has researched their quarry relentlessly and learned the chinks in their armor.
  • Trembling Strike - You are able to carry your empowered monk strikes to the very core of your foes.

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Published 9/4/2022
Category Character Options
Includes 1 Art, 7 Feats, 1 Books
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