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Cities of Myth: Fallen Camelot (CORE BUNDLE)

Realmwarp Media

Everything you need to play in Albion

Price $39.95

This bundle includes everything you need to play Cities of Myth: Fallen Camelot for years to come. It includes the core setting, 1 setting expansion focused on the Saxons, one tier 1 adventure (4-6 hours), one tier 2 adventure (8-12 hours), and two bestiaries with over 3 dozen creatures between them... all for a reduce price than buying them all separate (25% off).

Product Details

Published 3/22/2021
Category Setting Guide, Character Options, Adventure, Bestiary, Gamemaster Options
Theme Historical, Aquatic, Wilderness, Dungeon
Adventure level 1 - 9
Includes 7 Delving Technique, 76 Art, 20 Deviations, 39 Subclasses, 10 Races, 79 Monsters, 1 Spells, 46 Items, 6 Books, 16 Backgrounds, 1 Classes
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