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Price $9.99 / month
Price $99.99 / year

The Gamemaster Pro subscription is the top tier Shard Tabletop experience.  It's got all the features.  In addition, you will receive new premium content each month to enhance your games.


  • Unlimited Gamemaster campaigns
  • The Core Content Pack (12 playable races, 48 additional subclasses, plus numerous backgrounds and feats)
  • Unlimited characters
  • Premium token elements
  • Premium digital dice
  • Access to free content from the marketplace
  • Fate of Artanga Parts I, II, and III
  • Access to watch mode to allow your viewers to interact while watching your game streams
  • Second screen to show the player view when playing in person

A rich collection of character options created by Shard Tabletop and Kobold Press for the exclusive use of Shard Tabletop Subscribers.  

Product Details

Published 3/18/2021
Category Character Options
Includes 73 Art, 10 Elemental Masteries, 11 Techniques, 6 Feats, 12 Warlock Pact Boons, 48 Subclasses, 16 Races, 2 Monsters, 23 Spells, 2 Items, 5 Metamagic, 1 Books, 16 Backgrounds
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