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Kingdom of Aglarion Gazetteer

Learn the History of Aglarion!

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The Kingdom of Aglarion Gazetter serves as the foundation for the setting of this epic adventure and is just a small segment of the Campaign Setting that we have developed for the Kingdom of Aglarion. The past of the land has shaped both the kingdom and the Feyrealms that lie parallel to the real world.

Embark on an epic adventure and learn the history of this epic Kingdom today!

Product Details

Published 5/2/2023
Category Character Options, Setting Guide
Theme Dungeon, Planar, Urban, Wilderness, Horror, Intrigue, Mystery, Miscellaneous
Setting Any Setting
Includes 139 Art, 2 Maps, 16 Spells, 13 Feats, 1 Books, 36 Subclasses
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