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Crystalpunk Campaign Guide

Plus Three Press

Dark Fantasy Meets Cyberpunk—a Magic-Fuelled Future for 5e

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Crystalpunk is a 5E supplement that brings a magic-fuelled future to the tabletop game you know and love. Inside this supplement you'll find lore for a unique new world, tons of new character options & game mechanics, resources for building adventures, and so much more!

Welcome to a terrible, futuristic world; a traditional fantasy setting pushed far into a dark future. Rather than using electricity or computers, magic is the root of all technology. It's a world where your personal sidearm uses your body’s mana as ammo and a vicious demon fuels the engine of your brand new ride.It’s a world where spellslingers and mercenaries fight side-by-side against nightmarish monsters in the streets, while corporate cults are blinded by their pursuit of wealth and power. It’s a world where every resource is pushed to its limit using arcane technology. When you die, not even your soul is safe. Mana fuels this ever-advancing society, and there is no richer source than the soul of a humanoid.This world is also one of opportunity and vicious beauty, it’s a place of complex mysteries, unimaginable heists, exotic locations, and death-defying battles. It’s a place where risk-takers can truly thrive and where action hides behind every corner.

Product Details

Published 11/25/2022
Category Gamemaster Options, Setting Guide, Character Options, Bestiary
Theme Dungeon, Urban, Wilderness, Horror, Intrigue, Modern, Science Fiction, Western, Miscellaneous
Includes 158 Art, 21 Races, 2 Maps, 24 Spells, 23 Monsters, 11 Feats, 28 Items, 1 Books, 19 Subclasses, 23 Backgrounds, 4 Fighting Styles, 2 Classes
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