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Deep Magic

Kobold Press

Over 700 spells and 56 magical subclasses

Price $39.99

Ultimate spellpower is yours! No matter how you slice it, magic is at the heart of fantasy. Nothing says magic like a massive tome of spells.

This tome collects, updates, tweaks, and expands every awesome spell, cantrip, and glamour derived from years of the Deep Magic for 5th Edition series—more than 700 new and compiled spells. And it adds a lot more: 20 divine domains, new arcane subclasses like the infernal and time mage, expanded familiars and conjured servants, arcane traps, and yes, even more new spells.

This tome is not just for wizards and sorcerers. Deep Magic for 5th Edition also expands the horizons for warlocks, bards, clerics, druids, and even for rangers and paladins with something new for every casting class!

With these new options, your characters (and your villains) can become masters of winter magic, chaos magic, or shadow magic. Seek out hidden colleges and academies of lost lore. Learn new runes, hieroglyphs, and cantrips to crack open the walls of reality, or just bend them a bit. Deep Magic contains all magic from start to finish!

•       A huge array of over 700 new magic spells for every class in 5th Edition

•       Lavishly illustrated and including new subclasses, new domains, and new Backgrounds and familiars

•       Extensive section of villainous magic for a nemesis with some surprising twists up their sleeve

Spells are included for:

•      Alkemancy Magic

•      Angelic Magic

•      Chaos Magic

•      Dragon Magic

•      Elven Ritual Magic

•      Hieroglyph Magic

•     Illumination Magic

•      Ring Magic

•      Rune Magic

•      Shadow Magic

•      Temporal Magic

•      Winter Magic

•      Clockwork Magic

•      Labyrinth Magic

•      Apocalypse Magic

•      Blood Magic

•      Fiendish Magic

•      Void Magic

•      Mythos Magic

Product Details

Published 7/6/2021
Category Character Options, Gamemaster Options
Setting Midgard
Includes 156 Art, 7 Arcane Traps, 2 Eldritch Invocations, 10 Elemental Masteries, 10 Angelic Seals, 6 Feats, 9 Warlock Pact Boons, 56 Subclasses, 21 Hieroglyphs, 36 Monsters, 718 Spells, 21 Items, 1 Books, 25 Rune, 4 Backgrounds
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