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Midgard Bundle

Kobold Press

The Essential Midgard Collection

Price $74.99

Adventure In a Dark World of Deep Magic!

This bundle includes the Midgard Worldbook, Midgard Heroes Handbook, and Midgard Sagas (a collection of adventures in Midgard).  It's an incredible introduction to Midgard with enough content and adventure hooks to run campaigns for years.  

Pair with any of the Kobold Press bestiaries and enjoy.  

Product Details

Published 5/25/2021
Category Character Options, Setting Guide, Adventure
Theme Dungeon, Urban, Wilderness
Setting Midgard
Adventure level 3 - 8
Includes 132 Art, 4 Eldritch Invocations, 10 Elemental Masteries, 11 Techniques, 10 Angelic Seals, 19 Feats, 50 Subclasses, 22 Races, 299 Spells, 21 Monsters, 55 Weapon Maneuvers, 24 Items, 1 Books, 25 Rune, 10 Pantheons, 23 Backgrounds, 4 Aerial Combat Manuevers
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