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Heliana’s Guide to Monster Hunting

Loot Tavern

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Heliana’s Guide to Monster Hunting is a massive tome packed with exciting new content to enhance your 5E game. Discover lethally thrilling adventures; rules for tracking, harvesting, and crafting; and a humongous hoard of fully-illustrated items, monsters, spells, and player options. Battle deadly, multi-stage boss monsters and forge fantastic new items and familiars from their remains.

Product Details

Published 6/1/2023
Category Adventure, Character Options, Bestiary, Gamemaster Options, Map Collection, Setting Guide, Audio Pack
Theme Aquatic, Arctic, Dungeon, Underdark, Urban, Wilderness, Horror, Intrigue, Mystery, Miscellaneous
Setting Any Setting
Includes 616 Art, 10 Edible Monster Component, 1 Eldritch Invocations, 20 Encounters, 16 Ranger Traps, 13 Feats, 28 Splicer Augments, 13 Subclasses, 10 Traps, 92 Audio Clips, 18 Maps, 15 Races, 186 Monster Trainer, 101 Monsters, 69 Spells, 143 Items, 1 Metamagic, 8 Books, 25 Reference Card, 10 Cooking Recipe, 1 Classes
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