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Jinxed: A Vexing New Option For 5e

Underground Oracle Publishing

A Brand New Variant Rule and Creatures For 5th Edition

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“Superstitious? Of course, I’m superstitious, my friend. You’d be a fool to get on the bad side of the fey.”

- Allendon Mayersiel, ranger of Gillshire

A fey cackles mischievously as it flees into the dark treeline. A young dungeoneer’s stomach drops as she notices the glyphs under her feet. A group of travelers ignores the warnings from the town elder and drinks deeply from the well in the clearing.
  Breaking local taboos, angering creatures, or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time can see an adventurer’s luck spoil. And although it may not warrant a trip to a renowned archbishop to lift their burden, no hero enjoys being the target of a jinx.

The following describes the new game option jinxes and how to implement them into your games. As with all new variant rules, discuss with your gaming group if this will be a welcome addition to the tone and play style of your table.

This supplement includes:

  • A variant ruleset for jinxes
  • 10 different Jinxes
  • The cauldron demon - a small fiend that's the bane of any alchemist
  • The hedge wisp - a tiny fey that lives to cause bad luck for unfortunate mortals
  • 2 rare harvestable items that these vexing creatures can provide

Product Details

Published 8/27/2021
Category Gamemaster Options, Bestiary
Includes 5 Art, 10 Jinxes, 2 Monsters, 2 Items, 1 Books
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