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Archetypes 3 Bundle

Underground Oracle Publishing

A Bundle of 6 Wildly Unique Archetypes For 5th Edition

Price $9.00

Grab a bundle of new archetypes for your 5th edition games flooded with interesting lore and brimming with unique mechanics, new class options, and more!

This bundle includes the following supplements:

  • Druid Circle: Circle of Civilization
  • Otherworldly Patron: The Snow Weaver
  • Primal Path: Path of the Skin Scribe
  • Ranger Archetype: Titan Slayer
  • Roguish Archetype: Fey Catcher
  • Sorcerous Origin: Riot Born

Product Details

Published 11/8/2021
Category Character Options
Setting Any Setting
Includes 7 Art, 3 Eldritch Invocations, 4 Surge Techniques, 1 Monsters, 2 Spells, 2 Items, 2 Metamagic, 10 Skin Scribe Tattoos, 6 Books, 6 Subclasses, 1 Fighting Styles
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