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Adeline's Dervish

Dread Maps

astral ship / pirate ship / 5 levels

Price $9.99

Adeline's Dervish is a 5-level astral wing ship/pirate ship filled to the brim with details to fully immerse your players into the narrative.

  • Main deck (3 Variants)
    • Astral Winged Ship (2 ocean backgrounds / 2 space backgrounds)
    • Mermaid Pirate Ship (2 ocean backgrounds / 2 space backgrounds)
    • Dragonborn Ship  (Classic looking + ocean background)
  • Captain's Cabin - highly detailed luxury suite with a food table, pirate treasure, and a quest planning desk.
  • Quarter Deck - High-ranking officers sleeping cabins
  • Gun Deck - Many cannons, crew tables, and ordnance storage
  • Crew Deck - Crew cots, additional storage, gambling and drinking tables


Product Details

Published 11/9/2022
Category Map Collection
Theme Aquatic, Science Fiction
Setting Any Setting
Includes 14 Art, 6 Maps, 1 Books
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