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Divine Gifts: New Paladin-Specific Spells

Underground Oracle Publishing

Brand New Paladin-Specific Spells For 5th Edition

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“We do not fear death. With our sisters and brothers at our side, with the strength of the empire at our back, and with Davalon waiting for us should we fall, there is no fear for us. Only glory.”

- Lansara Rinesse, Paladin of the Church of Davalon

Blessed warriors of the deities that they follow, paladins are divine casters chosen to exemplify the values and doctrine of their gods for the mortals that surround them. Unlike clerics, who are expected to act as the stewards and evangelizers for their churches, paladins lead by example. Endowed directly with celestial abilities from their deity, paladins are sent forth into the world to be icons of their faith, showcasing the powers that they’ve been granted while actively pursuing their god’s goals and directives. Because they strive to be the earthly embodiment of the deities that choose them, paladins are as different from one another as the gods that make up the pantheons. Though all share the same drive to remain their god’s chosen champion. 

The following are new paladin-specific spells that you can use to make your holy warriors even more capable of conquering evil and strengthening hearts in the name of their gods. As with all new play options, please consult your Game Master to verify that these spells mesh well with the vision and direction of their game.

This supplement includes:

  • 5 new paladin-specific spells

Product Details

Published 3/20/2021
Category Character Options
Includes 1 Art, 5 Spells, 1 Books
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