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Dixmont Asylum

Dread Maps

massive 160x80 / 4 variants / forest / asylum

Price $6.99

Dixmont Asylum is a massive 160x80 battlemap in 4 variants: day, night, fog, and haunted. Let this location be the perfect place to unravel a dark mystery for your players!


Points of Interest

  • Kirkbride buildings
  • Stables
  • Small Cottage with garden
  • Hidden Stone altar ritual location
  • Small graveyard
  • Dried river bank
  • Mysterious ponds



Deep within an isolated expanse of dense woods stands Dixmont Asylum, its imposing presence looms over the sprawling complex. In ages past, indigenous tribes held rituals amidst these very woods, engaging in dark ceremonies of human sacrifice to appease the cruel gods believed to dwell here. The asylum's towering structure, perpetually cloaked in a creeping fog, bears witness to the echoes of these forgotten rites. Whispers of unsettling truths permeate the air, as the boundaries between past and present collide.


Dread Maps

Product Details

Published 7/18/2023
Category Map Collection
Theme Mystery, Wilderness, Intrigue
Setting Any Setting
Includes 4 Art, 1 Maps, 1 Books
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