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Into the Fey Lands

Grim Press

Explore the mystical Fey Lands, with new content for your 5e games!

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Complete with magic, trickery, and illusion, the fey have a full arsenal to beguile those who wander into their realm.


Into the Fey Lands contains the following content:


  • MAGIC ITEMS – Magic is teeming in the Fey Lands,and has infused these sixteen new Magic Items.
  • ANCESTRIES – Centaurs roam the Fey Lands. Thesenomadic beings are always on the move, in search of excitement to satisfy their curiosity and satiate their appetites.
  • ARCHETYPES – Those who call the Fey Lands homeare bestowed enchanting gifts. Explore new archetypes forthe Fighter and Sorcerer.
  • MAGICAL SPELLS – The Fey Lands are host tomany foreign magics. Ten new spells are sure to give your campaigns a bit of added excitement.
  • GM VARIANT RULE: UNSTABLE MAGIC – Magicworks differently in fey-inspired lands. These rules will add in a touch of unpredictability to your campaign.
  • ENCOUNTER MAPS – 3 battle maps with 3additional variants (6 maps total) have been included to explore the Fey Lands.

Product Details

Published 8/17/2022
Category Bestiary, Character Options, Gamemaster Options, Map Collection
Theme Wilderness, Planar, Intrigue, Mystery
Setting Any Setting
Includes 32 Art, 1 Races, 10 Spells, 16 Items, 1 Books, 2 Subclasses
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