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Bloody Wishes Three

AAW Games

Mini-Dungeon for 4 characters of levels 6–7

Price $2.99

Regardless of what hyper-specialized information the discerning adventurer is looking for, be it the locking mechanism for the gates of a dwarven fortress, the precise ritual used to seal a wizard’s tower, or the history of that misdirection ritual that cloaks the legendary elven enclave from sight, there are few places as well-stocked with oddly specific treatises and tomes as the Erudite Athenaeum of Literary Study. 

Run by the latest scion of a prestigious family of scholars and his elven apprentice, all manner of stories can be found in the Athenaeum, but one is missing: That of a hapless party of heroes coming to learn and getting more than they bargained for, as they are confronted with Bloody Wishes Three... 

Product Details

Published 9/1/2023
Category Adventure
Theme Urban
Setting Any Setting
Includes 9 Art, 1 Maps, 1 Traps, 4 Encounters, 5 Monsters, 1 Books
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