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Tales of the Old Margreve

Kobold Press

Adventures in the Deep, Dark Woods!

Price $29.99

TALES OF THE OLD MARGREVE takes your game deep into the ancient, magical forest, with new spells, monsters, magic items, and wondrous locations, a monster appendix, and twelve adventures for heroes level 1-10—over 200 pages of adventures and forest secrets!

  1. Hollow by Richard Pett
  2. The Honey Queen by Jonathan McAnulty
  3. The Vengeful Heart by Matt Corley
  4. Challenge of the Fang by Dan Voyce
  5. The Griffon Hatchling Heist by Michael Fulanetto
  6. Gall of the Spider Crone by Tim Connor
  7. Blood and Thorns by Dan Voyce
  8. Grandmother’s Fire by Ben McFarland
  9. The Vengeful Dragon by Steve Robert with Wolfgang Baur
  10. The Fingers of Derende, The Tongue of Derende, and The Heart of Derende by Jon Swatsky

Sharpen your blade and hoist your pack—it’s time to head into the forest!

Product Details

Published 9/7/2021
Category Adventure
Theme Wilderness
Setting Midgard
Storyline Tales of the Old Margreve
Adventure level 1 - 10
Includes 173 Art, 42 Encounters, 12 Maps, 74 Monsters, 8 Spells, 26 Items, 1 Books
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