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Handy Hubs 2

DeepDark Designs

A premium collection of stunning maps. Useful, versatile, and essential in world-building!

Price $14.99

Flip the Script

Handy Hubs 2 provides a collection of fourteen stunning maps; eleven measuring 18x12 and three measuring 18x24. In most instances, day and night versions of each map have also been provided. Rather than depicting your typical, run-of-the-mill battlemaps or dungeon floorplans, the Handy Hubs series flips the proverbial goblin cave on its head, instead focusing on places seldom depicted. Places the PCs might visit for a quick stopover during or between adventures, places they might meet a friendly face or NPC quest giver, and places that simply allow you to flesh out your world with spaces that feel authentic and lived-in.

This premium package also includes roof and overhead tile elements for many of the hubs, as well as fun extra materials that further expand and diversify the offering.

What's Included?

Handy Hubs 2 includes the following materials:

  • Getting Started content
    • Purchase Note
    • Product Summary
    • About the Publisher
    • Other Works
    • Credits
    • Version Notes
    • Open Game License Version 1.0a
  • Extra Materials content
    • Friendly Faces. Suggestions for creatures and characters that the PCs might encounter at a hub that may not wish them harm and could lead to a positive interaction
    • Hub Histories. Suggestions for possible histories for some of the hubs provided, if you should wish to further elaborate on them and their origins
    • Local Landmarks. Suggestions for other interesting sites and points of interest that could be found in close proximity to a hub
    • Wandering Monsters. Suggestions for hostile creatures and characters that could be encountered at or close to a hub
  • 14 unique maps, with a further 18 variants
  • 4 unique roof & overhead tiles, with a further 4 variants
  • Pre-configured encounters with roof & overhead tiles setup

Product Details

Published 6/20/2023
Category Map Collection
Theme Arctic, Dungeon, Underdark, Urban, Wilderness, Miscellaneous
Setting Any Setting
Includes 42 Art, 14 Maps, 8 Encounters, 16 Books
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