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AKA Quickguides, Cheatsheets, or VizAids

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These are super helpful extensions for new & veteran players because they are readily available on their character sheet. 

Most new players don't know what search terms to type when they try to find what they are looking for, & many veterans wrestle with having multiple editions of DnD in their heads.  These extensions have radio buttons & counters to help keep track, all options a player has available on easy to read handouts, & links to the SHARD Player's Handbook if they want to know more.

I even walk you through how to make your own extension with a homebrew rule you might like to adopt for your game.

More time playing & less time researching is always more fun for all.

UPDATE:  This package now comes with a DM Extension of some of the most commonly used tables from the DMG & DM Screens.

UPDATE to the UPDATE:  This package now comes with a way to add the DM Tables to your campaign without having to add the extension to your players' character sheets.

Product Details

Published 10/10/2021
Category Gamemaster Options
Includes 1 Art, 4 Extension, 1 Monsters, 1 Books
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