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Under a Funeral Moon

Scott Myers

And so it begins

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This adventure is for 3-5 1st to 2nd level characters and is set in the Eastern Marches of Havvengarde near the town of Magefall. I have tried to make this adventure easily adaptable for any game world.

The Eastern Marches of Havvengarde are the ‘less- civilized’ area of the country, stretching from Kampenheim and the Woods of Ypres to the Eastern Wall. The area is still filled with large expanses of wilderness, monsters, and ruins from ages past.

‘Under a Funeral Moon’ begins with the characters escorting a merchant houses supply wagons (and the corpse of a recently deceased noble) from the town of Waldrand and over to the village of Magefall where the supplies will be loaded into caravans and taken south to Ivywood.

Product Details

Published 3/3/2021
Category Adventure
Theme Dungeon
Adventure level 1 - 2
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