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Den of Assassins is a player & game master supplement that contains everything you need to bring characters with that "very particular set of skills" to your 5th Edition campaign! 

Delightfully and playfully vicious, this supplement isn't just about killing for fun, profit, and other equally appropriate reasons. Players can easily put their deadly skills to use in the service of good, as mercenaries, vigilantes, and in hunting down some of the meticulously detailed and highly-dangerous characters included for Game Master use.

Everything here is about assassins and how you can drop them into your favorite campaign, and any setting.

Core Features:

12 New Subclasses: A new assassin-themed subclass for each of 5e's core classes. 

12 Elite Antagonists: Taking inspiration from each of the assassin subclasses, each major antagonist features unique abilities, detailed backstory, description, and magic items. 

12 Minions: Lower-challenge assassin minions inspired by each subclass.

Also: Magic items, assassination location maps, assassin hideouts, random tables such as “51 Reasons to Have Someone Assassinated”, adventure seeds, feats, and backgrounds. 

About the Preview:

The preview features the Path of Splatter Primal Path – an assassin-inspired subclass for Barbarians, available for immediate play!

Product Details

Published 6/23/2021
Category Character Options
Includes 2 Art, 11 Splatter Options, 1 Subclasses, 1 Books
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