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Tome of Beasts 2 Lairs

Kobold Press

14 Single Map Adventures

Price $19.99

Fourteen single-map adventures each featuring monsters from Tome of Beasts II.

Use these adventures as side missions alongside your ongoing campaign, or to fuel one or more standalone sessions. With adventures suitable for heroes of level 1–15, there are enough challenges—and mayhem—for everyone!

Unforgettable one-shot adventures including:

  • To Track a Thief, Level 1
  • The Forsaken Fort, Level 3
  • The Twisted Wreath, Level 3
  • Shrine of the Hungry Dead, Level 4
  • Tragedy at Thyrdun Outpost, Level 4
  • Caverns of the Crystalline Monolith, Level 5
  • Fight for Horseshoe Rock Oasis, Level 5
  • The River Tomb, Level 6
  • House of the Worm God, Level 7
  • Terror at the Mountain Lotus Temple, Level 8
  • Tunnels Beneath Skulltop Tor, Level 9
  • Crucible of Golems, Level 10
  • Fire and Fury, Level 13
  • Towers of the Three Regents, Level 15


All monsters are included.  This title does not require Tome of Beasts II to play.  

Product Details

Published 7/6/2021
Category Adventure
Setting Midgard
Includes 88 Art, 1 Random Encounter Tables, 101 Encounters, 15 Maps, 50 Monsters, 2 Items, 1 Books
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