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Magic Items - Mad Biomancer

Humperdink's Wares

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5e Magic Items Vol. 3: Mad Biomancy

A trove of treasure at your fingertips

Welcome, adventurer, to Loot Tavern! We’ve just had a shipment in from Dr. Francis N. Stein who’s had to flee his wizard's tower after another angry mob turned up. If you've ever found yourself wanting to swing from the rooftops like the legendary drider man, these tools are for you! Please, take a look at our ledger.

All New Content for 5E!

  • 13 unique, original pieces of art
  • 18 items (including rarity variants)
  • Playtested and community-balance mechanics
  • All items ready to be equipped with quick access to combat features
  • 3 brand-new, bonus cantrips from Humperdink’s Wares


Rarity Variants

Rarity variants bring the total number of items up to 18, and allow you to have the magic item grow with the player as they level up. Give them an uncommon version at level 3, and upgrade the item’s power as they become heroes of the realm! Or don’t, it’s up to you :)


About Us

At Humperdink's Wares we aim to have the most user-friendly adventure modules out there! That's why we've teamed up with Jennigma to bring you fully hyperlinked, easy-to-understand journal entries that take the stress out of GMing and let you relax and have fun.

If you've any feedback, hop onto the Humperdink's Wares Discord server or drop an email to Enjoy!

The Artists

Mo is a professional artist who has worked on numerous board games, books, and RPGs. He brings professional-level art to your VTT in these beautiful packs. Check our Shard Storefront to see more.

Max is a professional writer, published in 5e magazines and many more digital locations. He brings an in-depth knowledge of 5e mechanics and balance, as well as a whimsical flair for story-telling. Check out the store for more adventures.

Product Details

Published 3/30/2021
Category Gamemaster Options, Character Options
Theme Horror
Setting Any Setting
Includes 3 Spells, 1 Books, 18 Items, 16 Art
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