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Thrones & Bones Soundtrack

Lazy Wolf Studios

Music for your Thrones & Bones games

Price $11.99

10 instrumental pieces intended as audio accompaniment for your Thrones & Bones campaigns.

Grammy-nominated composer David Joseph Wesley has crafted 35 minutes of music inspired by the locations in the land of Norrøngard. 

From moody pieces designed to evoke the feel of traveling through a magic woods to rousing battle scores, Songs of Norrøngard is the perfect backdrop to your adventures in the land of the ice and snow. The digital album features 35 minutes of music from a master musician:

1. Thrones & Bones 
2. The Dragon's Wood 
3. Draugar Battle 
4. Into The Wyrdwood 
5. Svartálfaheim Mountains 
6. The Nøkken's Song
7. Assault on Ravenkeep 
8. The Sea Raven 
9. Attack of the Linnorm
10. The Gates Of Korjengard

Product Details

Published 2/14/2024
Category Audio Pack
Includes 2 Art, 10 Audio Clips, 1 Books
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