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Cabin in the Woods

Dread Maps

3 levels / cabin / secret lair / pre-fogged

Price $9.99

The Cabin in the Woods is a great scenario which almost needs no introduction. In this Dread Maps depiction, the main level houses a country kitchen, cozy den, and master bedroom. While at the rear of the property, you'll find a wood stove, several tools and a small shed. 

If using this cabin as a resting place, the attic offers an opportunity, with guest beds and a couch. It also has trinkets in a dusty closet which can also help build your narrative. 

Lastly is the cellar, and from the shed and down the old storm door, you'll find a simple food storage room. Look more closely, however, and discover a secret door which leads into an arcane lair or unholy altar, whichever fits your story best!

Product Details

Published 9/5/2022
Category Map Collection
Theme Intrigue, Mystery
Setting Any Setting
Includes 4 Art, 3 Maps, 1 Books
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