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Ritual Sacrifice

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In Ritual Sacrifice, a plutocrat in the merchant metropolis of Tusmork Haven begs for the party’s help in finding her daughter. This, however, is a trick: the merchant princess is in cahoots with her daughter, who requires warm bodies for a dark magical ritual to break the curse she’s under, and swords-for-hire make for easy targets. She teleports the party to the Shattered Plains, an icy, remote region far to the north of Brennskald where the daughter, a powerful mage, resides. The party must fight their way out of a dungeon dug from the ice, only to have their final confrontation with the mage interrupted by the return of the ice caves’ true inhabitant — a young white dragon intent on reclaiming its home.

Product Details

Published 9/13/2022
Category Adventure
Theme Arctic, Dungeon, Wilderness
Includes 1 Art, 1 Maps, 4 Encounters, 1 Books
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