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Ancient Evil Awaits

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Explore wasteland ruins and uncover mysterious clues to the past in this adventure for 4-6 characters starting at levels 5-7 and concluding at levels 8-11.

Deep in the Baevonian Mountains stands a monolithic spire of stone, peppered with ancient ruins, and mostly forgotten. The spire contains a temple complex rich in history and steeped in the mysteries of the past, untouched for a millennium, but it is not without its dangers, for ancient evil stagnates within. This is Rultmoork, where, according to legend, the very land died to the sound of a single falling tear.

Product Details

Published 3/24/2023
Category Adventure, Setting Guide
Theme Dungeon, Wilderness
Adventure level 5 - 11
Includes 121 Art, 9 Maps, 7 Traps, 12 Encounters, 27 Monsters, 15 Items, 1 Books, 2 Subclasses
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