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large city cave / ruins

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EVERDUSK is two battlemaps, Civilization and Ruins, which are both 80x60 and highly detailed.

Reminiscent of cliff-side villages in Italy or Spain, this map beckons the GM to create a story about the folk who live here. When I created Everdusk, I imagined a place that is between worlds, connecting the Fey and Mortal realms. 

This paradox could be emphasized by using both variants. Entering from the mortal side, the Ruins variant could be used, but when coming back from the Fey, the Civilization variant is used. Since this place is between places, time could pass differently.

I hope you enjoy this majestic place as much as I did creating it.

Product Details

Published 8/26/2022
Category Map Collection
Theme Intrigue, Urban, Wilderness
Setting Any Setting
Includes 2 Art, 2 Maps, 1 Books
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