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MikWewa - Nautiloid Battlemaps

Mik & Wewa

Nautiloid spaceship on 7 decks in Hi-Res PNG files

Price $9.99

Nautiloid battlemap pack by Mikwewa

Battlemap properties:

Resolution: Multiple Resolution Hi-Res .PNG Files
Grid: Various
Variations: Furnished and Unfurnished (With assets and only walls and floors)
Levels: Slave Deck, Cargo Deck, Lower Battle Deck, Battle Deck, Bridge Deck, Scout Deck, Command Station, Outer Shell

Versions: Day and night

Total: 17 PNG maps

Braaaains! Mind Eaters (yes, eaters, I know) are the most formidable enemy and by far the most fun setting for DM (for me, personally) to stage puzzles, dungeons and fights. They move from Astral to Material Plane on their mighty ships with 7 decks! And we made one for you with plenty of space to play and stage. Not only that we made 8 unique decks, we have also provided the same decks totally empty, so you can create your horrific ship as you see fit.

Note that all the files are packed as .PNG files so you can set them on the Astral Sea background we provided as well. Have tons of fun!

Enjoy your adventuring!

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Product Details

Published 4/13/2021
Includes 17 Art, 17 Maps, 1 Books
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