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Yig Snake Granddaddy: The Prehistory War

Petersen Games

Act 3

Price $11.99

The heroes are on the offensive, trying to undermine the ancients’ plans, but they can’t do it here – they must travel to the dreamlands to find new allies. But this is not all. Their ally, the mummified cat Dandelion, brings them into contact with a Yithian who opposes some members of his own race. Seeking to sabotage the Yithians, the heroes must mindswap themselves into molluscoid Yithian bodies. Can they trust their Yithian ally? No Yithian can be a true friend – he follows his own goals exclusively with obsessive skill.

Finally they must hunt and capture alive a legendary super-snake which their enemies seek to summon Yig himself! Can they beat the serpent folk at their own game?

Product Details

Published 8/31/2021
Category Adventure
Theme Horror
Storyline Yig Snake Granddaddy
Adventure level 8 - 10
Includes 120 Art, 10 Random Encounter Tables, 45 Encounters, 5 Maps, 65 Monsters, 13 Items, 1 Books
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