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Cults and Syndicates: The Glut of Horg-Sow

Underground Oracle Publishing

A Brand New Enemy Cult For 5th Edition

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“We all remember the famine. We remember the empty larders and our babies crying from the pangs in their stomachs and not having a thing but sympathy and sorrow to fill them with. Horg-Sow took that all away. And all she asks in return is a day of plenty to honor her. A morning of revelry. And an evening to feast.”

-  Elder Merasmus Cooper, devout of Horg-Sow

The world is filled with hungry folk. Mortals who must scrabble and scrape for everything that they so desperately need or ardently desire. Food for the hungry. Power for the powerless. A stroke of bad luck and a dry season turns the potential for a full belly and safe night’s sleep into a dream that only dares visit the entrenched powers of the city and countryside alike. It’s in the fallow fields and overrunning gutters of the realms where good men and women lay forgotten that the Glut of Horg-Sow makes their home. 

  To accept the blessings of Horg-Sow is to never know hunger again, no matter what a body may crave. Influence, safety, a house filled with the sighs of contentment that follow a hearty meal and precede a deep and dreamless sleep. But the gifts of Horg-Sow, plentiful and wholesome as they are, understandably demand a sacrifice. A pound of flesh for a season of plenty. And by the wretched grace of Horg-Sow, a feast for all. 

Content Warning

This supplement explores, describes, and includes imagery of themes of cannibalism, mutilation, and the deception and grooming of desperate and vulnerable people into grotesque acts of the aforementioned evils. While these themes and topics may not affect some players at your table, they can be understandably disturbing to others. 

It is highly recommended that prior to exploring the topics in this supplement within your games that they’re discussed and cleared with the other members of your table during your pre-campaign conversations or during your group’s session zero.

This supplement includes:

  • A deep dive on the cannibalistic cult, The Glut of Horg-Sow
  • 3 NPCs that illustrate the various ways the cult is lead
  • Shrine rules and stats to add a new level of abyssal power to your cults
  • 5 creature stat blocks

Product Details

Published 8/9/2022
Category Bestiary, Gamemaster Options
Theme Horror
Setting Any Setting
Includes 13 Art, 5 Monsters, 3 Items, 1 Books
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