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Cavern Crawl #001 - Tree of Ballain

Grim Press

2nd level adventure for a party of 5 players

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Tree of Ballain is a 2nd level adventure for a party of 5 players. In this Cavern Crawl, the party must confront a blight demon that is corrupting the very life blood of the wood elves - the Tree of Ballain.


Something dark has chased the elves from their tree village. Whatever the entity is, it is corrupting their livelihood, and if they don't deal with it soon, they will have no home. Their druids have had no luck, but maybe others might!


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Product Details

Published 12/19/2022
Category Adventure
Theme Wilderness
Setting Any Setting
Adventure level 2 - 0
Includes 6 Art, 1 Maps, 6 Encounters, 1 Monsters, 3 Items, 1 Books
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