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Epic Evils: Rava Verassa, the Hag of Oldmire

Underground Oracle Publishing

A Brand New Villain Toolkit For 5th Edition!

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Shrouded in thick, rolling fog and surrounded by gnarled, towering trees, the swamp known as Oldmire is as mysterious as it is ancient. The center of many horror stories, countless lost travelers or foolish adventurers have entered Oldmire only to find themselves face to face with one of its many earthen terrors. None more terrible than the Hag of Oldmire herself, Rava Verassa.


Using This Supplement

This supplement provides everything a GM needs to design an encounter or run an adventure featuring Rava Verassa, the Hag of Oldmire. Below you will find the legendary elemental hag, along with descriptions for points of interest in her swamp, Oldmire, the various hazards and environmental dangers it provides, and three new creature options. Plot hooks have also been included to assist GMs in creating their adventures to the swamp and to guide players toward their final battle with Rava Verassa. 

This supplement is designed to be used within any existing campaign.


This supplement includes:

  • Rava Verassa, a CR 14 elemental hag!
  • Additional guardians of Oldmire:
    • Othos, an insect-like beast that stalks the swamps for enemies.
    • Alruin, plant creatures that look suspiciously humanoid and pack a poisonous punch.
    • Daemon empowered creature template that can be applied to any beast, elemental, fey, giant, humanoid, or plant that Rava Verassa calls upon. 
  • New diseases, hazards, and parasites to make the swamp even more malevolent.
  • Plot hooks you can use to introduce players to Oldmire.
  • Full-color maps.

Product Details

Published 3/21/2021
Category Bestiary, Gamemaster Options
Theme Wilderness
Setting Any Setting
Includes 9 Art, 2 Parasite, 2 Maps, 3 Monsters, 1 Items, 1 Books
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