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Magic Items Vol 2: Fit for a King

Arcane Affinity

20 Fully illustrated Magic items!

Price $6.99

These items come ready to use, and poised to help your and your party create awesome new moments in your 5th Edition Campaigns. These Items are ideal for a Campaign dealing in royal courts and schemes. Ingratiate yourself with the local lords and ladies today with this royal assortment!


  • A Noble Duel
  • Maple Leaf Brooch
  • Biographic Codex of Kings
  • Necklace of the Secret Prince
  • Clothes of Coin
  • Pen and Inkwell of The Dark Empire
  • Emboldened Beard
  • Profits Margin
  • Glass Sword of Beauty
  • Quick Blade of the God-king
  • Ivory Glove of Providence
  • Ran’Pik’s Resplendent Carriage
  • Lion-Hearted Lantern of Grace
  • Ring of the King’s Demand
  • Jade Vase of Poise
  • Royal Mantle of Eminence
  • Kalidor’s Chest of Porcelain Servants
  • The Forever Knight
  • Liquid Banquet
  • Throw Rug of Enticement

Bugs & Support

If you have questions about any of the items included with this pack or would like to report a bug or issue you can contact us via Patreon or Instagram.

Product Details

Published 2/26/2024
Category Character Options, Game Master Options, Gamemaster Options
Theme Intrigue, Urban
Setting Any Setting
Includes 20 Art, 25 Items, 1 Books, 1 Reference Card
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