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Heart of Flame

AAW Games

Mini-Dungeon for 4 characters of level 10

Price $2.99

The vast tunnels around volcanos are often full of danger and little else. Any creature unfortunate enough to wander into the tunnels faces deadly fire, flowing lava, insufferable heat, and worst of all, monsters who dwell in such places are particularly unforgiving. 

But at the heart of some volcanos lies the greatest treasure never discovered as few try to reach the depths necessary to find the location of ancient ruins, tombs of villains, or dragon lairs. 

The Heart of Flame is said to have once beaten in the chest of a demon lord, but now the adventurers need to find this relic of old amid the blazing, volcanic heat...or die trying. 


Mini-Dungeons are short, setting-agnostic adventures for 5th Edition which can be easily inserted anywhere in your campaign. 

  • VTT Maps

Product Details

Published 1/18/2023
Category Adventure
Theme Underdark, Dungeon
Setting Any Setting
Adventure level 10 - 10
Includes 9 Art, 1 Maps, 2 Encounters, 4 Monsters, 1 Items, 1 Books
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