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Underground Oracle Publishing is an ENnie-nominated, bestselling, 3rd party press creating supplements with a lore-first approach for both players and GMs to add to their 5th edition games.

Our Champion subscription unlocks our entire catalog for use in your Shard Tabletop games, including each new supplement that we release bi-weekly and subscriber-exclusive bonus materials that you won't find available for purchase anywhere else. 

Unlock new archetypes, creatures, feats, spells, locations, and more, all packed with lore and flavor to enhance and expand your current setting of choice.


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Product Details

Published 3/21/2021
Category Character Options, Gamemaster Options, Bestiary, Map Collection, Game Master Options, Setting Guide, Adventure
Theme Wilderness, Urban, Holiday, Planar, Dungeon, Aquatic, Horror, Comedy
Setting Any Setting
Includes 38 Feats, 5 Witch's Ladder Knot, 176 Items, 4 Fighting Styles, 3 Metamagic, 5 Sculpts, 75 Monsters, 3 Guilds and Orders, 4 Surge Techniques, 142 Books, 10 Skin Scribe Tattoos, 6 Brand, 89 Spells, 14 Backgrounds, 5 Dirge, 3 Wondrous Gifts, 7 Eldritch Invocations, 4 Extension, 1 Condition: Infested, 32 Maps, 8 Encounters, 31 Races, 486 Art, 41 Subclasses, 7 Parasite, 10 Jinxes, 4 Advanced Sculpts
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