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Underground Oracle Publishing is an ENnie-nominated, bestselling, 3rd party press creating supplements with a lore-first approach for both players and GMs to add to their 5th edition games.

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Throughout the course of their adventures, heroes and villains alike find themselves before beings of tremendous power. Not quite gods but certainly far beyond mortals, these creatures come from a variety of backgrounds and planes, from the celestial to the abyssal, from the sylvan to the necrotic.

The experiences that come from crossing paths with these entities vary as much as the beings themselves, and although it’s almost universally agreed that it’s far safer to avoid any such meetings to the fullest extent possible, these risky encounters offer the opportunity to gain truly wondrous gifts. 

The following is an example of a new play option called wondrous gifts. These gifts are granted very rarely and typically only after some sort of extraordinary circumstance or event that the player has survived. Each wondrous gift comes with its own mechanical prerequisites and enhancements, as well as drawbacks that the player may face as a result of their new gift.

This supplement includes:

  • The mechanics and lore for a new play option to add to your games, wondrous gifts.
  • The Conferral, or ThrenSalSol, and the powers and changes that this draconic gift provides. 

“Be kind and mind your manners,
Be virtuous and true.
‘Cause Elder Boggan’s watching
to see what you will do.”

- Children’s Rhyme

Boggans are small fey that resemble elderly men and women with oversized noses, pointed ears, and bodies covered in long shaggy fur. Although they can be found in any enchanted forest around the continent, boggans always prefer to build their small cottages and homes near remote settlements and frontier villages, where they can closely monitor the people under their protection—whether they like it or not.

This supplement includes:

  • 2 new fey to add to your campaigns.
    • The benevolent seely boggan.
    • The malevolent unseely boggart.
  • 5 new favors
  • 5 new jinxes

Product Details

Published 3/21/2021
Category Character Options, Gamemaster Options, Bestiary, Map Collection, Game Master Options, Setting Guide, Adventure
Theme Wilderness, Urban, Holiday, Planar, Dungeon, Aquatic, Horror, Comedy
Setting Any Setting
Includes 555 Art, 8 Encounters, 10 Dragon Origins, 4 Wondrous Gifts, 4 Advanced Sculpts, 31 Races, 34 Maps, 6 Favors, 15 Jinxes, 99 Spells, 179 Items, 5 Metamagic, 149 Books, 9 Mystic Companion, 6 Eldritch Invocations, 5 Dirge, 1 Condition: Infested, 7 Parasite, 46 Feats, 3 Guilds and Orders, 42 Subclasses, 4 Fighting Styles, 4 Extension, 5 Sculpts, 6 Brand, 5 Witch's Ladder Knot, 4 Surge Techniques, 83 Monsters, 10 Skin Scribe Tattoos, 14 Backgrounds
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