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Cities of Myth: Atlantis Divided

Realmwarp Media

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In Atlantis Divided, thousands of years after the city was rent into a different plane, the characters can explore the god and magic oriented surface as well as the egalitarian and technologically focused deep. Political and cultural differences threaten to throw Atlantis into a second "Great Calamity" as various factions seek to prevent the unification of the greatest magical artifact known to exist.

Dripping with flavor both above and below, the divided elements of Atlantis offers characters of all sorts gripping and dynamic engagement with the world. No matter what they decide to do with this ancient artifact, or how they engage with the world as a whole, 

Atlantis Divided is sure to provide countless sessions of fun, intrigue, and exploration.

Product Details

Published 5/24/2021
Category Adventure, Bestiary, Character Options, Gamemaster Options, Setting Guide
Theme Aquatic, Wilderness, Urban, Science Fiction
Includes 25 Races, 32 Items, 12 Backgrounds, 51 Art, 41 Background Feature, 5 Amplification, 10 Aspects, 1 Books, 5 Fighting Styles, 24 Monsters, 26 Subclasses, 5 Shade (Prism), 5 Spells
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